Data Recover Service

Has your hard drive crashed..

Is your data suddenly gone and you don’t have a copy?

We Can Help!

At PCHC Inc. we know that lost data can be a terrible experience. Every week, we recover family photos for tearful mothers, crucial presentations for panicked professionals, tax forms, financial documents and more. PCHC Inc. takes real pride in helping you through this traumatic experience. We know your data is important to you so we will do our best to get your data back.

Let us get your data back!

Data recovery starts at just $175*, this covers the evaluation, and recovering up to 1 gigabit of data on a simple recovery (additional gigabits are just $10). More than half of all data recovery service we do is done with no additional costs. If your recovery is more complex you will be called and the situation explained to you.

Some Common hard drive problems that we can help you with are:
  • Drive makes “ticks” or other noises.
  • Drive won’t spin at all.
  • Accidentally formatted drive.
  • You smelled smoke when you ran power to your drive.
  • Your computer detects drive as the wrong size or model.
  • Can’t access drive. Windows asks if you want to format it.
  • any others. Ask our technicians for help.
Give Us a Call!
We will send a technician out to pick up the drive and get your data back.

(We prefer that if possible our technician remove the drive from the computer.)

*The fee of $175 is due in advance and is not refundable. Rush service and travel outside Salt Lake County is extra. Complex recovery including those that require parts and/or other time consuming operations are also extra.

5 Steps To Aide A Successful Recovery

1. Stop using the drive immediately.
2. Do not open or tamper with the drive.
3. Do not reformat or defragment the drive.
4. Keep the drive dry and at a moderate temperature.
5. Contact PCHC Inc!